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New Coaching Memberships

Are you ready to take your coaching experience to the next level?

Change can sometimes feel overwhelming or uncertain, but we're here to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Some differences to expect are: 

Enjoy the convenience of a regular, predictable, and easy monthly payment plan.

Benefit from 4 coaching sessions per month, providing consistent support and accountability.

Unused sessions can be rolled over for up to 2 months, ensuring you maximize your investment.

* Experience convenience, flexibility, and a comfortable coaching environment with 100% Phone or Zoom sessions.

As we introduce our new coaching plans, you have the opportunity to choose the approach that best aligns with your goals and aspirations:

Option 1:
Embrace the Forge Process

* Experience a new level of coaching with our upgraded approach.

* Sessions will be flexible, between 1-2 hours, allowing for deeper exploration and breakthroughs.

* Plus, gain access to all the benefits and resources offered in "Iron Sharpens Iron" (More Info)

$797 per month

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Option 2:
Stay with the Familiar

* Maintain the structure you're comfortable with.

* Monthly payments closer to your current budget.

* Continue with 1-hour sessions, similar to what you're accustomed to.

$497 per month

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We encourage you to carefully consider which option resonates with you and supports your growth journey.

Remember, change is often the catalyst for transformation.

By embracing the process, you open yourself up to new possibilities, expanded insights, and accelerated progress towards your goals.

Please let us know which coaching plan you'd like to embark on, and we'll guide you through the next steps.

Together, we'll forge a path towards your personal and professional live.

Not Ready Yet?

No problem, we have other options to move forward as you consider your path:

Iron Sharpens Iron

* Two group class sessions per month: Live teaching, coaching, and support or convenient access to recordings.

* Unlimited text support: Receive timely guidance to navigate challenges and accelerate personal growth.

* Private Facebook group: Connect, gain insights, and access resources for ongoing personal development.

* On-demand resources: Templates, courses, and audio meditation to enhance your personal growth journey.

More Info

Single Session

* Explore the benefits of coaching before choosing a longer-term program.

* Schedule a single session when you need it without committing to a monthly plan.

* Address specific challenges or goals in a concentrated coaching session.


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