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Understanding the Enneagram

as a tool for Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

This intro course will cover distinctions between each personality type, how we respond to stress, and how to care for yourself and others.

Coaching with the Enneagram

Take your coaching practice to the next level with this Live, Online 6-month Certification Course.

Learn how to use the Enneagram to read minds, predict the future, and guide your clients to be at their best.

Classes start March 2, 2023

Find Your Flow with
Multiple Natures

Using Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures to Maintain Energy, Growth, and Alignment.

It's not about how SMART you are... It's about HOW you are smart. This course will teach you how to recognize and leverage the "Intelligences" and "Natures" in ourselves and others.

Happy Together

Healthy Relationship Series to help you deepen connection, build trust, and understand each other better.

Learn how to improve communication, build trust, feel loved, and have fun!

Create Your Future Now!

A toolkit for setting and reaching your outcomes. 

Learn how to create a Vision, prepare for obstacles, and take consistent action so you can feel confident about achieving your goals.

Influence & Impact

Drawing from little known elements of Psychology, Hypnosis, and NLP, this course will cover principles of influence to help you improve sales, education, leadership, and relationships in a whole new way!