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Facing challenges in your leadership role?
Struggling to balance professional demands and personal growth?

I understand the complexities of leadership and the pressure to perform at your best. Navigating the demands of an executive role can be overwhelming, and it's common to feel isolated and unsure about the best path forward.

  • Are you finding it difficult to lead effectively amidst constant change and uncertainty?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the relentless demands of your position?

  • Are you struggling to balance your professional responsibilities with personal growth and well-being?

  • You're not alone.
    Many leaders face these challenges.
    But with the right guidance, you can overcome them and thrive.

    Meet Wes Lucus

    I’m an executive coach with a unique approach to personal and professional growth. With extensive experience coaching individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs, I bring a fresh perspective to leadership development.

    My clients consistently report increased confidence and better decision-making.

    Achieve Fast Results:

    1. Assess

    We start with comprehensive assessments to understand your unique strengths and areas for growth.

    2. Plan

    Develop a personalized action plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    3. Achieve

    Regular coaching sessions and ongoing support to help you achieve your leadership and personal development goals.

    Choose the Right Plan for You


    2-3 private sessions per month
    (1-2 hours each over Zoom)

    Initial Enneagram
    personality assessment

    Access to pre-recorded courses on Goal-Setting Strategies,
    Enneagram Personalities,
    Multiple Natures, and
    Effective Communication & Language Patterns

    Accountability Package:

    Includes everything in the Foundation Package

    Weekly check-ins
    (15-minute phone calls for accountability and
    focus on weekly goals)

    Multiple Natures assessment
    and integration

    Comprehensive Package:

    Includes everything in the
    Accountability Package

    Two 360-degree reviews
    (initial and final)

    Custom packages available upon request

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    About Wes

    Wes Lucus brings a unique blend of expertise in coaching individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs.

    His holistic approach integrates tools like the Enneagram, NLP, and Multiple Natures to foster personal and professional growth.

    Wes started his first entrepreneurial venture at 15 and has built and sold several businesses. He understands the struggles of balancing work with family and personal life, making him an empathetic and effective coach.

    Wes is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical practice, ensuring a safe and trusting environment for all clients.

    Don’t let indecision and lack of direction hinder your leadership potential. Without the right guidance, you risk staying stuck in the same patterns. The consequences of not taking action can include:

    - Missed opportunities for professional growth
    - Continued struggle with leadership challenges
    - Increased stress and burnout

    Act now to start seeing immediate improvements in your leadership skills and overall satisfaction. Every day you wait is a missed opportunity for growth.

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    Imagine leading with unwavering confidence, making impactful decisions, and inspiring your team to achieve exceptional results.

    Executive coaching helps you unlock your full potential and achieve your leadership goals.

    Client Success Stories:

    "Building a new business from the ground up comes with many challenges both personally and professionally. Wes brings unique insights and guidance that has helped me to bring out my A game as an entrepreneur. His influence on my life has been immeasurable, and I'm grateful for his support in my journey of self-improvement and personal development."


    "When I first stepped into a leadership role, I needed help overcoming some mental blockers I had about asking people for support. Wes helped me identify my core values and improve my decision-making process. I highly recommend Wes for anyone looking to grow as a leader and achieve their professional goals."


    Join the ranks of successful leaders who have transformed their careers and lives through executive coaching.

    Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

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