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Time to Make a Change

Training and Coaching to help you improve
Communication, Motivation, and Fulfillment

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Business &
Team Building


Personal Growth &

The Easy Way to Understanding Yourself and Others


Improve your ability to influence others, to sell, and to negotiate in ways that help all parties feel satisfied and empowered.


Make progress in your family, relationships, and at work by tapping into each person's strengths and values.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Master your mindset and your own emotions and you can be more resourceful in responding
to others.

It's about more than just getting things done...

There is a lot riding on your shoulders. Success or failure, as well as your own health and relationships, all comes down to what’s going on in your own head.

Combine that with what's going on in everyone else's heads, and there are a lot of needs to be met.

I'm here to help you navigate that and be the best version of YOU.

Expertise and Training includes:

  • Enneagram

  • Multiple Natures

  • NLP

  • Hypnosis

Success Stories

Lindsay R.

I felt very enlightened being at this event and have been working on bettering myself ever since. A very worthwhile exploration and I would recommend this to all walks of life as the tools learned can be used in any career or in any stage of life.
Very unique! Highly recommend!

Carlos C.

If you are really ready to multiply your growth and streamline your business, talk to this man! You can trust Wes to guide you with solid advice, integrity, wit and generosity.
What I got out of this was far more than I put in!

Rob F.

Building a new business from the ground up comes with many challenges both personally and professional. Wes brings unique insights and guidance that has helped me to bring out my A game as an entrepreneur. 
I recommend Wes!

James C.

Wes is an amazing trainer who has a wealth of knowledge to share. I could have kept exploring our topic for another hour… or days! I can’t wait for the next time Wes offers to teach!
I’ll definitely be there!


Learn the basics at your own pace, on your own time, for maximum convenience!


Online and In-Person Events for an immersive experience to enhance your skills!

Consulting & Coaching

Focus on your specific outcomes in private or group settings to accellerate your progress!

How to get started:

Choose a Course

Browse a variety of live or pre-recorded courses and enroll in the one that best fits your outcome. This will give you a head start on how to apply these tools!

Join the Email List

When you enroll, make sure you allow Wes to add you to the Email List, and you'll be informed of new courses and upcoming live events!

Schedule a Call

When you're ready to align your learning with your specific vision, goals, and obstacles, chat with Wes at no charge to lay out your personalized plan.

Progress doesn't have to be hard...

You’re working to accomplish something. And you want results. Maybe you’re hungry for a change, or maybe you’re getting by for now… Either way, you don’t want to stay here for long.
You definitely don’t want to be stuck here! 

You want to reach the next level, to achieve the level of freedom and fulfillment you want in life.
And to see more progress… right now.

Everyone has their own strategy for handling life. We all have a certain approach when dealing with other people and trying to get our own needs met.

By learning simple principles, you'll have a map to navigate by. You'll know exactly what you need to reach your own satisfaction, and you'll be able to recognize what others need in order to work with you.