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Multiple Natures

Unlock Your Blueprint for Success and Fulfillment

Forget about waiting for that “Someday” when you’ll be able to find more enjoyment.

You have everything you need to live the life you want,

Right Now.

Just imagine what it will be like to live with purpose and passion.

To have your work feel almost like play.

To feel clear and confident in the direction you are going.

Multiple Natures is the only way to get the full picture!

To understand how to use your unique combination of Intelligences and Natures

and Live Well!

Multiple Natures is completely versatile and has proven liveful in:

  • - Course Study Selection
  • - Career Choices
  • - Career Transitions
  • - Life Balance

Life is long if you know how to use it.

- Seneca

Learn More About Multiple Natures & Flow:

Options to help you Find Your Flow:

Find Your Flow with
Multiple Natures

On-Demand Course to learn how Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures can help you Maintain Energy, Growth, and Alignment.


Discover Your Nature
MNTEST Group Event

A Live 2-Hour Online Workshop to discover your strongest MI's and MN's.

Live Group Activities, Personal Results, and your Top Tasks & Hobbies.


Personal MNTEST Assessment & Consultation

A Private session to understand your MN Profile, explore 1000's of Hobbies, Tasks and Careers, and understand how YOU can operate at your BEST.


When you know your Blueprint, you can:

  • - Find fulfillment in your work
  • - Have peace around your decisions to spend money, to rest, to play
  • - Experience excitement and fun
  • - Achieve balance, integrating work, life, and responsibilities
  • - Access the right tools and strategies to handle stress and anxiety

Find Your Best Move in Every Situation

One approach to live in life is “leading with your strengths”. And Find Your Flow goes much, much further than that!

In chess, you don’t attack with only your queen or strong pieces. You sometimes lead with your pawns. A strategy that harmonizes all your pieces is even better!

Multiple Natures works the same way.

By knowing all your traits, you will find dozens of suggestions for your next move. We base your strategy on your full range of abilities as well as your current circumstances.

You will receive reports that will enable you to make better, more informed choices. Make plans that result in greater fulfillment.